Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Earth "Father" and "Sonny Boy"

New Earth is a post apocalyptic vision created by the boys over at thesector12.com. It has everything you can imagine going on in this dangerous new world vision and your imagination is the limit. These two custom figures I made are a parent/son team living in the harsh environment..."Father" is a scrappy, tough, and super strong old coot who trusts no one except for his son, Sonny Boy. "Sonny Boy" is a quiet, stoic, and cold hearted individual who loves only his Father. Both are a mystery to others as no one knows their history and how they became what they are now. I really like the idea of being able to make completely original characters and will definitely go further with this project.

For more New Earth, visit thesector12.com

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  1. These figures are amazing. I like the tattoos on "Father," I think they are a nice touch. I also like that by looking at Sonny Boy you really can't define what he is, he is a very cool creation.


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