Sunday, May 29, 2011

Star Wars 4-Lom

I wanted my 4-Lom to be a tad taller and also be able to hold that huge rifle of his with both hands so I swapped out his lower arms and legs with Star Wars build-a-droid parts. I then gave him a re-paint and some dark washes to finish him up.

A droid who was originally programmed to safe guard the belongings of passengers aboard a luxury cruiser, 4-Lom grew bored with is duties and re-wrote his own programming and went on to become an exceptional thief and bounty hunter.

Star Wars Vilmarh "Villie" Grahrk

I have had this figure lying around for a while now, and finally got around to working on him. While not accurate, I wanted to see this Devaronian smuggler with more devilish skin tones. I changed out his legs with some fully jointed ones from a Darth Bane figure, and added a knife sheath from a GI Joe to his bandolier.

Vimarh Grahrk or "Villie," was a male Devaronian smuggler and notorious gambler, ever searching for more money and women. Though he was a swindler, he seemingly had a friendship with Jedi Quinlan Vos, and the two helped each other several times throughout the years.

Star Wars Coleman Trebor

While shopping at Target the other day, I saw this exclusive 2 pack with this guy in it and snagged it right away. I know this dude was yet another obscure Jedi who had a mili-second in the film when he got shot by Jango, but I really dig his look. I gave him a saber handle for his belt, a cloth under skirt, a larger Jedi robe as he is a bigger guy, and finally detailed him and his saber handles with multiple washes and some minor paint apps.

A male Vurk from Sembla, Coleman Trebor was a Jedi Master and was known for his uncanny ability to solve disputes without violence and was a great negotiator. He was looked highly upon by many species throughout the galaxy and was highly respected. Though he was a cunning warrior and came very close to striking Count Dooku at the Battle of Geonosis, he was taken by surpirse and shot by Jango Fett, falling over a high ledge to his death.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Star Wars Cade Skywalker

I am very pleased with how this one turned out, mostly because of my patience in aquiring the parts! I actually got most of the figure from various fodder swaps, and eventually aquired the armless torso, legs, head, and blaster over time. I added upper arms from PoC Duke and lower arms from a 25th Storm Shadow and made the saber handle hook onto his belt. His Jacket is from a movie Sabretooth figure (from yet another swap), re-painted, and I free handed his tatoos.

Cade Skywalker is a descendant of Luke Skywalker, and from what I read of him he seems like the Star Wars version of "The Fonz" to me. He has been a pirate, smuggler, bounty hunter, Jedi, and Sith apprentice which pretty much sums up every cool job there is in the Star Wars universe. He wears Mandolorian armor, has had multiple light sabers in various colors, carries the baddest blaster, smokes "death sticks" to keep ghosts of Luke away, talked a bunch of smack to Sith Lords, killed Sith Lords and even apparently slept with Sith Lord Darth Talon. Oh yeah, remember that force ability Palpatine mentioned to Anakin about learning to keep the ones you love from dying? Well, ol Cade here has even has that too. Sheesh, a better question might be is there anything Cade Skywalker can't do?

Marvel Universe Absorbing Man

This is just a fix up of the Marvel Universe version. I repainted his right side to have a metal look, made his pants more respectable in a shade of brown, darkened his boots, textured and repainted his left side for a more rock like look, and added a piece of clasp chain for the wrecking ball. An easy custom, but a major improvement in my opinion!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Star Wars Sith Stalker

This figure was made using left over parts I had in my Star Wars fodder bins. The figure went together flawlessly, is very pose able, and I really like how he looks on my shelf as yet another variation to the Starkiller costume swaps.

Resident Evil Afterlife: Alice

My favorite of my Resident Evil commission pieces, Alice was made using a heavily modified GI Joe Baroness figure and various other bits and sculpt to create her closely to how she looked in the film.

Resident Evil Afterlife: Jill Valentine

This character was made for a commission, and I used various GI Joe parts and did some sculpting to make her. A fairly simple figure, just as she was in her bonus scene from the film. I felt the cleavage was a bit redundant as other peeps from the movie had the little mech insect attached without 3/4 of their chests exposed.

Resident Evil Afterlife: Claire Redfield

This character was made for a commission, and I used various GI Joe parts and Marvel Universe parts to make her. A fairly simple figure, just as she appeared in the film.

Resident Evil Afterlife: Luther West

This character was made for a commission, and I used various GI Joe parts and did some sculpting to make him. A fairly simple figure, just as he was in the film.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Star Wars Rum Slegg

This character had a total of maybe .01 seconds in the film, and his book appearances have been about the same as well. I know nothing of the character, and unless things have changed, he is one of the few who doesn't even have his species listed. But, he got an action figure made of him and I picked him up a couple years back. I can remember at the time thinking that he would make for some good fodder, as the head, backpack, and even the belt looked like some great material to use on future projects. As time went by though, I found myself kinda digging the look of the figure, except the short stubby legs he had. Well, this is my updated version of Rum Slegg, and he has new legs and is now really tall, but looks way more proportionate in my opinion. I gave him a full re-paint and also some new guns, and am now liking the idea of doing more obscure characters from the Star Wars series in new ways in the future.

GI Joe Overkill

When I started making this character, I couldn't decide on whether I wanted to make him all robotic or part cyborg, so I gave him both options in the form of swappable heads! I also used a bunch of various things to make Overkill have some unique arm attachments to make him stand out more against his B.A.T. soldiers. The use of the PoC Destro also gives him a larger stature than others, and I am really digging how he turned out.