Friday, March 12, 2010

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Jedi Master

I've never really been a fan of Luke Skywalker, and have never seen an action figure of him I liked either. While reading about his adventures as a Jedi Master, I came across a drawing of him wearing traditional Jedi gear and knew I had to make one. To give him more of a Luke feel, I kept the black collar and glove he wore in the film. This version of Luke appeals to me more now, as he looks much more like that of a Jedi Knight.


  1. This figure is my favorite, just b\c I like Luke so much. It is obvious that you are very meticulous w/ all of your figures. You work is astounding!

  2. Ingenious idea to release L. Skywalker in a very unique Jedi outfit. Like it, like it, like it!


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