Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marvel Universe Dr. Doom

I spent some time giving Doom a complete re-paint making his armor more darker and more metal like. I then used various shades of green to even out his clothing and made his pistol holster functional. Lastly, I found a small cup in my fodder bins and thought it would make a perfect chalice for him.

Marvel Universe Colossus

Colossus is my favorite of the X-men so I wanted to give him a total re-paint to go along with this great figure from Hasbro. While I did paint his eyes white, my camera didn't pick up on them due to the sheen of his metal skin. I am really happy with how this figure turned out though!

Marvel Universe Archangel

I have been seeing a lot of customs lately having Archangel in his new X-Force costume, but I wanted to have him in his classic duds. This figure's paint was terrible right out of the package! I couldn't stand the pink lining so I re-painted all the pink areas maroon instead as I enjoy small tedious free-handing anyway. After various touch ups on the main figure I sprayed his wings with chrome and sealed them with a high gloss sealant. This was a tedious yet fun re-paint!

Mcfarlane's Spawn and Clown (with special guest Deadpool)

This was a commission piece and I wanted to make Spawn with a mix of his old and new costumes (I just don't like the huge boot look). I also didn't want the cape to be the focus of the piece so I went with a ragged smaller version. I did plenty of sculpting on this figure and also gave him an unmasked head and plasma blast add on accessory. As a bonus for my customer, I re-worked a junker Clown figure that my good buddy Tankster gave me in a parts swap. Lastly, since I also made a Deadpool figure as part of my customer's order, I took the opportunity to have a little fun with pic editing!