Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GI Joe Zandar

Zandar is one of the Joe Characters whom I thought seriously needed an overhaul. Running around shirtless with a pink neckerchief does not come across to others as being bad ass, so I gave him a complete make over. I am much happier with my version... WOOT!! This one got front paged at!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

GI Joe Destro

Here is my version of Cobra's top weapons supplier Destro. I think the jacket works very well for this one, as the thick collar has the classic destro look to it. I sculpted the necklace and belt on this as Destro just wouldn't be Destro unless he was sportin' his bling.

New Earth "Harvester"

This is my game character for New Earth. He is a medic with a smart-ass attitude. I rather enjoyed making this guy and enjoyed sculpting the custom display base for him as well.

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Star Wars Darth Krayt

I never read the stories with Darth Krayt in them, but there is no doubt that he sure looks the part of the evil villain. The images I have seen of him show his armor looking to me more like a bone type of material, not the chrome silver Hasbro painted this guy originally. First, I made him slightly taller by swapping out his crotch piece with a Galen Marek Jedi which also brought the skirt up higher on the thighs to help make him more in scale. I went back and gave him a ghost grey base coat, then multiple washes over his armor. I then drybrushed skull white over the armor to finally achieve the look I wanted. Then, I added the rest of his facial tatoos and a quick black wash over the hair to bring out the details of the mold. Hasbro has a terrible time it seems getting red lightsabers to actually look red, so I drybrushed a light coating of blood red over the blade. I really like the look of this figure and wanted to bring out all the details of this great mold.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Earth "Team Patriot's Sgt. Hauser"

Part if an old team of militant fanatics believing themselves to be part of a daring, highly trained, special mission force on a quest to save the world from a secret terrorist organization. How much of that is or was true dosen't even matter anymore as Earth lies in ruins. What does matter is that this bunch sees almost every denzien of New Earth as a "snake" and brutally attacks them. Exposure to large doses of radiation has obviously twisted what was left of their minds and deformed their bodies. Both "Dark-Eyes" and "Red" follow their fearless leader Sgt. Hauser without question, and those who happen upon this group are either recruited to join "Team Patriot" or gunned down as traitorous "Snakes." This group should be avoided at all costs.
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Delpris Stonehewer

This is a fantasy custom dwarf I made for friend over at as a gift. He is very happy with how the figure turned out and in turn makes me happy to hear that. Anyways, This little big guy was created from a myriad of different parts, pieces, and a little sculpting and was an overall fun build.