Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Earth "Dark Whyte"

As one of “The Gifted,” Dark Whyte hails from Arizona, where he made great efforts to learn as much as he could from the mystical cults there to enhance his knowledge of the arcane arts. A purely self serving individual, he devoted most of his time to increasing his own powers and abilities. When he realized that the neighboring state of New Mexico was home to a group of pak’trcio, he felt that he could become even more powerful if he could somehow harness their secrets. At some point, Dark Whyte encountered a small band of the aliens, and used his craft to trick and overcome them. Taking them captive he set to studying the species in secret, and performed many arcane experiments on them. Though it is unknown whether Dark Whyte was able to further augment his own powers, he did successfully create a hybrid through dark magic, blending human, pak’trcio and even cybernetic elements into one being. Now having his own personal body guard called Enigma, Dark Whyte feels more secure in travelling the vast wastelands seeking to quench his never ending thirst for more knowledge and power.

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