Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Earth "The Doombringer"--Gladiator Contest Winner!!

The Doombringer, as the crowds call him, is considered by many to be invincible. Though he has shown considerable fighting skill and strength within the arena, he should have died a dozen times over. The fact that he refuses to do so is quite unsettling to both the gladiators and the crowds. The Doombringer draws many to the arena, spectators and fighters alike all hoping to finally see him vanquished once and for all. When The Doombringer walks onto the field, an uncomfortable silence fills the air as all stare in amazement at the many blades and weapons of other unfortunate opponents still piercing his body. He lumbers ever forward towards any who oppose him violently swinging his mighty hammer that some of the locals haved nicknamed "The Brick." Nothing ever seems to affect him as he feels no pain, and certainly no mercy. Anymore, the crowds don't even cheer with his victories, just sigh of disappointment can be heard. The Doombringer cares nothing for that, as he comes to kill and nothing more. Some of the arena caretakers swear they have heard what sounds to be The Doombringer actually talking to his hammer as he leaves the field. Whatever else he does with his time isn't known.

The secret of The Doombringer lies within the hammer itself. It is the hammer that is actually "alive" and the wielder simply a vessel as the hammer craves the blood of the strong. The hammer is made from the stone of an ancient castle where it is said a great warrior king died in battle. The mystical essence of the item has been awakened by the extreme changes within this New Earth.

Winner of the's "Enter the Arena" contest!!
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  1. This guy is awesome! The weapons stuck through his body are a nice touch. The story is also well written. Great job!

  2. that custom hammer you made is awesome. i like how you used a lego piece as the head. thats very creative of you


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