Saturday, March 13, 2010

Halo 3 Spartan

Halo 3 is the ultimate game as far as both my son and I are concerned. The story and gameplay are wonderfully done. When my son got a truck load of these guys for Christmas, he was beyond thrilled. However as with all toys, some are made better than others. This Spartan originally was blaze orange, and it looked like they just dipped him the paint barrel and threw him in the box. So, I fixed him up, gave him a swapped set of shoulder pads with his own emblem, a new head, made him his own custom gatling cannon, jetpack, and gave him a metal paint job. Lastly, I placed mini magnets in his grenade, rifle, jetpack, feet, right hip, and back so that changing weapons is a lot easier than using the delicate pegs that these figures originally come with.

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