Friday, September 30, 2011

GI Joe Scarlett

While I liked the basic build of the resolute pack Scarlett, her height and her head just looked terrible all around. I began by giving her a new head and then decreased her height some. Then, I gave her a completely re-painted and detailed finish. I really like how this figure turned out!

GI Joe Jinx

Like a lot of other customizers, I found the RoC styled Scarlett figure to be perfect for a Jinx figure. I went with darker reds for her outfit and kept her in the classic masked look. After giving her a double bladed staff and sword, I felt satisfied with her new, more modernized look!

GI Joe Agent Helix

While more of just a mod than a full custom, I really like the Helix figure build almost just the way it is. The paint on this figure was terrible, so I gave her a full re-paint and detailed finish. Then, I added a leg holster for her silenced pistol to finish the job.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tankster's Tombstone: A Tribute

This is custom is a tribute to a character my very good friend Tankster created for a post apocalptic fantasy world. Tombstone is very special to me for various reasons...For one it is the very first custom figure that my son took to opening a whole new world for him. It also inspired me in turn to start making more original characters and in starting that I have made a dear friend in whom I talk to and swap customs ideas on a regular basis. To me, Tankster is a legend in the customs community as his creations and generous attitude have inspired not only me but countless others who desire to get into this crazy hobby as well. From the day I first chatted with him, he was quick to give advice, and quick to offer fodder materials right off the bat resulting in numerous trades over the past couple of years. Tankster's generosity knows no end, as he has made a slew of customs just for my son who cherishes them to this day. There is no doubt that with his particular style demeanor, I am proud to know Tankster, and even more proud to call him my friend and someday, I look forward to meeting my good friend in person.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marvel Universe Deadpool

I had to do Deadpool on a recent commission order, and while I personally do not care for the character at all, I did have a specific look I was going for in this. I wanted him to be slim yet muscular, and have a vibe similar to his appearance in Hulk vs. Wolverine. Using various versions of Snake Eyes and some minor sculpting helped me achieve my goal and I am glad to be all finished up with this as painting the red was a pain!!!

DC Comics Deathstroke the Terminator

What a fun time I had doing this commission piece! I have always been more partial to Deathstroke and have always liked the half masked look he had. I am very happy with how this figure turned out, and really like the over all build.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Metal Gear Solid Snake

This is one of a ton of commission pieces I just finished up (which most are figs I have done before) of Solid Snake. I've actually always found the character to be rather silly myself plus I just couldn't bring myself to do the mullet hair do...I rather like the look using the jungle Duke head though and may have to do another one at some point.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Star Wars Darth Wyyrlok

This piece was done on commission, and while I am not fond of Krayt's followers, I had a blast making him! However, after I finished, the character did appeal to me enough that I may go back and do another at some point.

Star Wars Darth Maladi

This piece was done on commission, and while I am not personally a fan of Krayt's followers I had a great time making her!