Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stronox Industries 66.6 "The Cure"

This is model number 66.6 code named "The Cure." My version of a cyborg walking death machine...His mission, eradicate all forms of life to purify the post apocalypotic New Earth and give the planet a chance to start over again.

I got the opportunity to meet Tri Gate Dave in person, and not only did he hook my son up with a heaping handful of his custom cast parts, I got some as well. They are top quality, and the detail is sick on these!! I had fun making this guy, and am happy with how he turned out.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Earth "Kruug"

This is Kruug, a New Earth mutant. Kruug likes to break things, chop things, and smash things. Kruug generally doesn't get along well with others, and doesn't play nice. If you were to encounter Kruug, watch out for his mighty war axe, for he is faster than he looks and wields this hefty weapon with ease. Depending on his mood, Kruug may choose to fill you full of lead instead with his custom twin machine guns that he made himself. Kruug loves his weapons, and he takes very good care of them. The only other thing Kruug respects in this chaotic New Earth is strength. Best him in combat and he will forever be your loyal friend. Fail and your dead!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Marvel Universe Repaints

Nothing too fancy here...Just some of the Marvel baddies repainted with metallics. I did however get to give Absorbing Man a real chain for his wrecking ball though.

Voyager Megatron

Here is my voyager Megs...Work includes removable wings (upon the request of my son), various scrapes and dings, and a ball jointed left hand that I got from an old Ultron figure and epoxied the soft bits from Megs original hand to it. I added cybertronian tattoos in various places as well, and am happy with how they turned out. I left the tabs for his feet as I am just not sure if I want to put them back on or not.