Sunday, April 17, 2011

GI Joe Blackout

This custom was so simple, yet so fun to make! Using left over parts from my recent Snake Eyes custom, I created Cobra's sniper Blackout. I have always kinda liked the character ever since Spytroops, and when looking at Joes one day my boy really liked the character too (he is always an active part of my customs). I took some liberties with his design but I like the look and how poseable he is!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

GI Joe Storm Shadow

This is my latest version of Storm Shadow more closely to how he appears in lots of comics. I feel this came out exactly how I wanted it to right from the start(something that doesn't often happen when trying to make customs) and I am very pleased with the proportions, and overall look of the figure.

GI Joe Snake Eyes and Timber

I wanted a look for Snake Eyes to be more as he appears in comics, and at the same time wanted to make a version of him that blends previous looks all together into one. I am very pleased with how Snake Eyes turned out and of course I hade to add Timber to go with him so I chose this mold for his trusty companion and re-painted him in greys. Lastly, I just had to get some pics of Snake Eyes together with my latest Storm Shadow custom as well as I am very pleased with these!