Sunday, January 30, 2011

GI Joe Major Bludd

This one is a gift to my buddy Tankster for a diorama he is currently working on...The only thing he asked of me was to make sure I incorporated elements of red mixed with classic Major Bludd colors. I am really happy with how he turned out, lemme know what you guys think!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Star Wars Darth Revan

This is a commission piece I just completed. The idea was to improve the Darth Revan figure by giving him articulated knees and ankles, some cloth robes instead of all the plastic (which ended up being a real pain the arse), and a new head. The Head here is actually a clone trooper helmet that modified and sculpted over to appear more like Revan's mask in virtually every pic I can find of him (which I have no idea what the mask the figure was wearing was all about). Anyways, here he is, and I hope my customer will be happy!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Transformers Soundwave and Ravage

Soundwave is one of my favorite TF's characters...He was my first as a kid, and with the release of the WFC version, I finally got a modern design of him that I liked as much as the original. I had a legends movie Ravage figure lying around, so I decided to give Soundwave one of his companions. I re-did Ravage's head and gave it a ball joint so now he can look around. I also re-sculpted his head as well using Apoxie sculpt.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crytek "Stalker" alien

Another Crytek figure for my son, this one I did over in purple colors. Again, I really dig the overall design of the aliens in this series, and hope my boy will too. As with the other one I did, he is getting re-sealed in his packaging and will be given to my boy as a birthday gift. As with the other I did, I am really curious to see if he can tell that I painted this guy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crytek "Heavy" Alien

Man, when I first saw these new figures by Crytek in the store, I just knew I had to get them for my boy. He enjoys crazy looking aliens, and with his birthday coming up, I thought he would like the style of these figures. Here I took the one called "Heavy" and gave him a full re-paint as all the alien dudes in the series have a dull brown like color scheme. Taking these guys apart is a snap, the entire figure comes apart with the removal of only two screws, so there is lots of custom potential with these guys in my opinon. For now, I am keeping these guys "un-modded" so I can re-seal the packaging and wrap them up for when I give them to my son for his birthday, and I am really curious to see if he'l notice that I painted them before he gets them out of the package. Oh yeah, the poor guy getting stomped in the last pic is a gift from a while back (and my favorite custom figure in my collection) from my good buddy Tankster!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Star Wars Darth Talon

This figure was a bonus fig I included for a recent customer who ordered some commissions from me. For the most part, I like the Darth Talon figure except for the fact that she came with no articulated elbows. Using some elbows from a GI Joe RoC Baroness figure and my trusty Dremel, I remedied that. A quick re paint of her armor and voila! A perfected Darth Talon figure.

Star Wars Darth Malak

Another commission piece, and wow was I amazed at how craptacular this figure was when I first got it. He was way, way, too short to start with, and he looked like he was in a constant state of shock. The first thing I did was chop off his boots, and then replace them with a set from an Obi-Wan figure giving him jointed ankles. I used feet from a Darth Sidious figure so that his boots had the same detail as the originals too. Once attached, I evened the area out using Apoxie scuplt. I then cut off his cape and gave him a cloth one as well. I then made some small cuts around his eyes to make small recesses for paint to flow into which helped him look not so spaced out anymore. Lastly I mixed up a quick wash, and gave him a bath in it to both darken him up some and bring out some of the various details of the mold.

Star Wars Darth Maleval

This was a commission request I did and the customer basically wanted the figure improved. The first thing that needed done was to give the head and hands a more deeper red color instead of the neon red he originally was. Repainting the head meant re painting the tatoos as well, and they are all free hand (thankfully I had another Maleval head to use as a referance). I then re did the piece of string that was supposed to be his whip using a bendable wire that can now be posed in any way. A few quick coats of grey then helped bring out his armor details a bit, and Maleval is all finished!

Marvel Universe Magneto

Yet another MU fig that was very unimpressive was Magneto. Being one of my favorite baddies, I knew I had to fix him up. First, I swapped out his upper legs with a Wolverine figure as I felt they just look better. Once I began applying the base coat of black, I thought that his suit looked good so I kept the main color that way and re painted the purple areas. I knew that his cape needed re done as it looked terrible so I used a cape from a Star Wars Darth Bane and attached it to the collar. I then filled in the gaps using Apoxie sculpt, and painted the inner lining a nice dark red, and the outside purple. I am really happy with how he turned out, as the new cape I gave him helps maintain balance and he stands very well on his own now.

Marvel Universe Moon Knight

I was thoroughly unimpressed with Hasbro's release of Moon Knight so I made an improved version. I swapped out the head, arms, and lower legs from a Hand Ninja to give him some armor, and some height (that Hand Ninja is ridiculously tall!!). The added benefits of the hands allow Moon Knight to properly hold his staff now, and no more tiny little head. Using Apoxie sculpt, I made a three dimensional moon emblem on his chest, and sculpted a point to the crown of his hood. I then gave the figure a white paint scheme and did the armor in a pearlesque color to offset the white.