Friday, November 18, 2011

Star Wars Starkiller

My third rendition of Starkiller over the years, I feel this is my most accurate so far...I am very happy with how he turned out here! I used many, many, various bits and pieces from belts, webgear, and other fodder to make this piece. Again, I am really enjoying making SW character using modern GI Joe parts which I feel are superior over basic SW figures. With this figure, I made sure to utilize base component to make sure his height and proportions were very close and he stands just a tad taller over the recent Luke Skywalker figure from the Vintage series.


  1. As I told you at before:
    Very ingenious custom figure from head to toe.

    You really have to make Starkiller in his Rebel armor from TFU 2.

    P-E-R-F-E-C-T work, Rob!

  2. out of everything that you've done I think this figure is my favorite piece of yours so far. the yuzong vong is a close 2nd

  3. do you sell it?! yours is perfect and i m totally unable to do this....

  4. i find your work amazing!!!! particularly with gi joe pieces!!!! i m totally unable to do such things... is it possible to order something like that?!
    my mail is


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