Monday, November 7, 2011

GI Joe Shadow Tracker

I really liked the idea of a new Cobra character, but I didn't really get Shadow Tracker. I really didn't care for all the neon at all, and most of his weaponry was just weird to me. I decided to make him more native looking to the jungle or maybe African plains. I went with a Darth Nihilus head and got rid of the Hockey mask with Tarantula on top. I decided to go without the vest at all, and instead gave him a random wrap. I did want to keep the spear with him and to accent the look went with a more traditional bow and arrow pack thanks to a Hawkeye figure which I cut tiny slits in and then strung with fishing line . The machete I used from SDS matches the spear in design pretty well too I think. I was going to try and do something with the hole in his left leg, but after some thought went back and filled/resculpted the area over to match his pants.


  1. I saw this MASTERPIECE over at the 'Tank; and I just wanted to say,
    One of those RARE customs that makes you inhale sharply the 1st time you see it...


  2. what machete is in his right hand in the first picture of GI Joe Shadow Tracker Custom?


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