Saturday, November 12, 2011

Star Wars Darth Bane full Orbalisk Armor

I have posted a few times before that Darth Bane is my absolute favorite Sith Lord. I have become increasingly dis-enchanted with his figure though, and set out to make one I really wanted. I saw some pics of a dude who makes costumes, and when I saw his fully armored Darth Bane costume I knew that was the direction I wanted to go with the figure. I used GI Joe figures for the base, and began building and this figure is a combination of scuplting, and using many different bits. I made sure that he retained his full articultion while making him, and I am really happy with how he turned out!!


  1. Great job on the new figures Rob!

  2. Darth Bane the Ultimate. Everything about that particular figure is just flawless. If Hasbro ever considers making a new version of this evil Dark Lord of the Sith, the should ask you for help - definitely.

    A really precious item. Kudos!

  3. Awesome Bane! He's one of my favorites as well, only behind Revan and Nihilus. What did you use for the torso and upper arms?


  4. IT is amazing except for the fact that Darth Bane had a hooked handled lightsaber and it was Crimson (Red) and he only needed to wear the helmet while he slept. (the helmet is really awesome though and you did an amazing job).


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