Sunday, January 23, 2011

Star Wars Darth Revan

This is a commission piece I just completed. The idea was to improve the Darth Revan figure by giving him articulated knees and ankles, some cloth robes instead of all the plastic (which ended up being a real pain the arse), and a new head. The Head here is actually a clone trooper helmet that modified and sculpted over to appear more like Revan's mask in virtually every pic I can find of him (which I have no idea what the mask the figure was wearing was all about). Anyways, here he is, and I hope my customer will be happy!


  1. Wow man thats actually an unreal mod, ive always wanted to attempt him but im from aus and ive not once seem.this.guy for sale, but man I really like it. Send me a PM of your cost price for such things.

  2. Dude! How much do you charge for a special Darth Revan figure like this??? :D


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