Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marvel Universe Moon Knight

I was thoroughly unimpressed with Hasbro's release of Moon Knight so I made an improved version. I swapped out the head, arms, and lower legs from a Hand Ninja to give him some armor, and some height (that Hand Ninja is ridiculously tall!!). The added benefits of the hands allow Moon Knight to properly hold his staff now, and no more tiny little head. Using Apoxie sculpt, I made a three dimensional moon emblem on his chest, and sculpted a point to the crown of his hood. I then gave the figure a white paint scheme and did the armor in a pearlesque color to offset the white.


  1. I think its really done well! Go Moons

  2. this is great!
    it makes Moon Knight badass and it gives those crummy hand ninjas a purpose! kudos.


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