Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marvel Universe Magneto

Yet another MU fig that was very unimpressive was Magneto. Being one of my favorite baddies, I knew I had to fix him up. First, I swapped out his upper legs with a Wolverine figure as I felt they just look better. Once I began applying the base coat of black, I thought that his suit looked good so I kept the main color that way and re painted the purple areas. I knew that his cape needed re done as it looked terrible so I used a cape from a Star Wars Darth Bane and attached it to the collar. I then filled in the gaps using Apoxie sculpt, and painted the inner lining a nice dark red, and the outside purple. I am really happy with how he turned out, as the new cape I gave him helps maintain balance and he stands very well on his own now.

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  1. The black part of the costume emphasizes how Magneto is a bad guy..


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