Sunday, January 9, 2011

Star Wars Darth Malak

Another commission piece, and wow was I amazed at how craptacular this figure was when I first got it. He was way, way, too short to start with, and he looked like he was in a constant state of shock. The first thing I did was chop off his boots, and then replace them with a set from an Obi-Wan figure giving him jointed ankles. I used feet from a Darth Sidious figure so that his boots had the same detail as the originals too. Once attached, I evened the area out using Apoxie scuplt. I then cut off his cape and gave him a cloth one as well. I then made some small cuts around his eyes to make small recesses for paint to flow into which helped him look not so spaced out anymore. Lastly I mixed up a quick wash, and gave him a bath in it to both darken him up some and bring out some of the various details of the mold.

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