Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crytek "Heavy" Alien

Man, when I first saw these new figures by Crytek in the store, I just knew I had to get them for my boy. He enjoys crazy looking aliens, and with his birthday coming up, I thought he would like the style of these figures. Here I took the one called "Heavy" and gave him a full re-paint as all the alien dudes in the series have a dull brown like color scheme. Taking these guys apart is a snap, the entire figure comes apart with the removal of only two screws, so there is lots of custom potential with these guys in my opinon. For now, I am keeping these guys "un-modded" so I can re-seal the packaging and wrap them up for when I give them to my son for his birthday, and I am really curious to see if he'l notice that I painted them before he gets them out of the package. Oh yeah, the poor guy getting stomped in the last pic is a gift from a while back (and my favorite custom figure in my collection) from my good buddy Tankster!

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  1. Having seen these "before," this just blows me away!!! Awesome job! He is going to love these!


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