Sunday, May 1, 2011

Star Wars Rum Slegg

This character had a total of maybe .01 seconds in the film, and his book appearances have been about the same as well. I know nothing of the character, and unless things have changed, he is one of the few who doesn't even have his species listed. But, he got an action figure made of him and I picked him up a couple years back. I can remember at the time thinking that he would make for some good fodder, as the head, backpack, and even the belt looked like some great material to use on future projects. As time went by though, I found myself kinda digging the look of the figure, except the short stubby legs he had. Well, this is my updated version of Rum Slegg, and he has new legs and is now really tall, but looks way more proportionate in my opinion. I gave him a full re-paint and also some new guns, and am now liking the idea of doing more obscure characters from the Star Wars series in new ways in the future.


  1. Man, something about those legs really do make that figure look way more proportionate, and just give it a cooler look! Nice work!

  2. Quite an improvement really. The colors are nice and muted and I like the new weapons. I never noticed the legs on this figure but now that you mention it, your mods do look better.

  3. Dude you made this guy so much better paint apps are killer!!

  4. you saw exactly what was wrong with Rum Slegg. anatomy.
    well done. he is perfect now


  5. Does anyone know where those legs came from?? I'd love to use them, awesome!!


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