Sunday, May 29, 2011

Star Wars Coleman Trebor

While shopping at Target the other day, I saw this exclusive 2 pack with this guy in it and snagged it right away. I know this dude was yet another obscure Jedi who had a mili-second in the film when he got shot by Jango, but I really dig his look. I gave him a saber handle for his belt, a cloth under skirt, a larger Jedi robe as he is a bigger guy, and finally detailed him and his saber handles with multiple washes and some minor paint apps.

A male Vurk from Sembla, Coleman Trebor was a Jedi Master and was known for his uncanny ability to solve disputes without violence and was a great negotiator. He was looked highly upon by many species throughout the galaxy and was highly respected. Though he was a cunning warrior and came very close to striking Count Dooku at the Battle of Geonosis, he was taken by surpirse and shot by Jango Fett, falling over a high ledge to his death.

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