Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Star Wars "Xontros"

“I am the monster that haunts your dreams. I am the coming storm on the horizon. I am everything you fear. The force is a weapon, and I its master. To know me is to know death itself. For I am Sith, and I will crush all who dare to cross my path.”

This is the message that all force sensitive beings heard throughout the galaxy in their minds. The message caused widespread concern, enough so that Jedi Master Luke Skywalker recalled all former students to the Jedi academy.

Unlike those of the past who claimed the Sith title, Xontros is not hiding, has no secret plans for galaxy wide domination, doesn’t carry a “Darth” title before his name, desires to have no apprentice or master, and has no army to enforce his will. Long ago a treasure hunter stranded on the ancient Sith world of Korriban, he has spent a great many years alone and isolated there. Hearing voices and having dreams eventually lead him to many undiscovered crypts and tombs of past Sith Lords. Among the artifacts he discovered, he found armor and two swords made of the rare element cortosis, which have the unique properties of disabling lightsabers. Discovering the he was a force sensitive individual and having received teachings from various holocrons, he has learned the ways of the dark side of the force. But unlike traditional Sith teachings that inspire one to rise to power, Xontros yearns only to destroy and wreak havoc. If he was to become a ruler of anything, it would be as a ruler over a galaxy of nothingness. Xontros wishes only to fight and kill, and in doing so he believes that he will become stronger and stronger.

Xontros is an exceptionally gifted swordsman and wields his two cortosis blades with lightning fast speed and accuarcy. He is exceptionally strong in using force push/pull on others, objects, and to propel himself great distances. He is also quite strong in the use of force sense and mind tricks confusing others into believing he isn’t there. He relishes in causing fear in others as well. It is unknown if he has the ability to wield force lightning.

Xontros is nothing more than a self serving mass murderer, and he not only accepts this role as his destiny, he enjoys every part of it. He welcomes any and all who would challenge him openly, especially Jedi.

At first I was skeptical of using GI Joe parts for a Star Wars fig, due to them usually being taller and larger scaled. But with this, he is exactly right in height to fit right in with my Star Wars guys. I wanted to make a more non traditional Sith Lord, and hence he uses actual blades instead of sabers.


  1. I like this custom a lot. Had anyone asked you to make one of these for themselves? Just curious, because I would want one if such an option was available.

  2. Badass figure. The parts you have chosen + the paints you applied are awesome.

    Terrific SW fan fic character. Kudos!


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