Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Earth "Big Shot"

"The Drakes" as they are called, are a squad of highly trained and tech oriented soldiers of unknown origin. Their motives at this point are unknown, but rumor has it that they are in the employ of a highly regarded official. However, who exactly that person is that pulls their strings cannot be confirmed. What can be confirmed is that the Drakes operate with an extreme tactical proficiency unmatched by others in the world. They utilize the latest in advanced technology and use it with the utmost precision. Chances are if you ever encounter the Drakes, know that it is for a reason, and someone somewhere wants you gone. The harsh truth is though, you probably won't even know it until it's too late.

Big Shot is the heavy hitter of The Drakes, and takes his job to heart. He can fire his tactical nukes with pin point accuracy if need be, but with that much firepower, pin point isn't really needed. Big Shot loves things that go boom, and often carries a hand held semi auto grenade launcher into the field with him. He hates small arms, and resorts to using his "pea shooter" only in a dire emergency. Big Shot's rocket pack controls are embedded directly into his helmet feed and are voice activated.

Big shot loves mech suits...To see them explode that is. He has taken to personally marking his mech suit kills on the side of his helmet and thinks of the markings as trophies.

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