Monday, February 6, 2012

Star Wars Boba Fett

This is my vision on how Boba should look. I took some creative liberties by giving Boba his Dad's pistol (since Jango lost one on Kamino). I gave him new articulated hips via a Vintage Series Bespin Luke, sculpted some pouches, used a common staple to make a functional antenna, re-did the peg on his pack to make it more secure, gave him a new cape, and re-painted and detailed the entire figure. I am very happy with this one!


  1. That is the COOLEST Boba Fett custom figure I have ever seen.

    Damn good work, Robert, damn good work!

  2. Holy smokes! This figure is out of this world! Shoot me an email if you're ever willing to sell some customs, I'm in love with the work and detail in these!


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