Monday, January 23, 2012

Star Wars AAT-ST

Here is something new from me... A Vehicle! A local Mom in the community was doing some cleaning and I was fortunate enough to reap the rewards! Within the large boxes of various toys was a complete Power of the Force AT-ST complete yet the legs were bent terribly. Now, this toy wasn't even close to screen accurate to begin with, so I took the bottom portion of GI Joe mech walker and combined the two making what I call the Advanced All Terrain Scout Transport. I am really happy with the results and making a vehicle was a fresh change of pace! This is going to my son to add to our collection.


  1. I really like the squatty body on this...makes the vehicle look like a cartoon come to life. Any idea much time you put into making the customization on this one?

    1. I would say about 12 hours or so. The build was very easy!

  2. this is pretty much the greatest thing ever. wow, dude.


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