Sunday, February 27, 2011

A preview of things to come...

I have always enjoyed Transformers more than any other genre of figures. However, I have always felt my skills in painting them to achieve the look I have wanted has never come to fruition. Lately, I have been doing a ton of experimenting with new ways of painting and with using enamels, washes, and clear coats.

Another thing I have always wrestled with is taking pictures of my work, constantly fighting lighting and such. I finally settled on going back to using outside pics, with a simple glossed over piece of magnet that I had leftover from another art job I was doing at the time. The reflection will show way better in future pics...

I am very happy with how my efforts are turning out and am excited to get this piece finished, but I wanted to also throw up a quick WIP pic as a preview of things to come.

Lastly, kudos to my boy for helping out so much with parts finding (I have a huge bin of TF's parts and preivously failed projects) pics, his keen eye for detail, and being patient with me while we work the proverbial bugs out...

As always, comments/critques welcome!


  1. I'm blown away by this, outstanding work!

  2. HHHHMMMM what secrets do you hold for us lol??
    lookin good bro!

  3. Really impressed with your good quality work...gotta real good tallent there mate!!..I noticed with your with figures that the lightsabre you add electrics to your figures(LED)?? I also spend quality time doing customs..when I finally sort out my page...i will post some pics...see what you think.anyways classic work..nice one!!


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