Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Drakes Commando Code Name "Dao"

The Drakes" as they are called, are a squad of highly trained and tech oriented soldiers of unknown origin. Their motives at this point are unknown, but rumor has it that they are in the employ of a highly regarded official. However, who exactly that person is that pulls their strings cannot be confirmed. What can be confirmed is that the Drakes operate with an extreme tactical proficiency unmatched by others in the world. They utilize the latest in advanced technology and use it with the utmost precision. Chances are if you ever encounter the Drakes, know that it is for a reason, and someone somewhere wants you gone. The harsh truth is though, you probably won't even know it until it's too late.

Razor sharp, and made of an advanced metal alloy, Dao slices and dices his way through any who stand in his way. Like the rest of his teamates in being the best of the best, Dao is extremely proficient in various martial arts, and stealth tactics. Dao seems to get into any installation, fortress, or castle with relative ease and can do so completely unnoticed by the enemy. Dao has undying loyalty to The Drakes and to the command of team leader Jack, and acts only on his commands.

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