Friday, May 7, 2010

Star Wars Darth Krayt

I never read the stories with Darth Krayt in them, but there is no doubt that he sure looks the part of the evil villain. The images I have seen of him show his armor looking to me more like a bone type of material, not the chrome silver Hasbro painted this guy originally. First, I made him slightly taller by swapping out his crotch piece with a Galen Marek Jedi which also brought the skirt up higher on the thighs to help make him more in scale. I went back and gave him a ghost grey base coat, then multiple washes over his armor. I then drybrushed skull white over the armor to finally achieve the look I wanted. Then, I added the rest of his facial tatoos and a quick black wash over the hair to bring out the details of the mold. Hasbro has a terrible time it seems getting red lightsabers to actually look red, so I drybrushed a light coating of blood red over the blade. I really like the look of this figure and wanted to bring out all the details of this great mold.

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