Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Earth "Team Patriot's Sgt. Hauser"

Part if an old team of militant fanatics believing themselves to be part of a daring, highly trained, special mission force on a quest to save the world from a secret terrorist organization. How much of that is or was true dosen't even matter anymore as Earth lies in ruins. What does matter is that this bunch sees almost every denzien of New Earth as a "snake" and brutally attacks them. Exposure to large doses of radiation has obviously twisted what was left of their minds and deformed their bodies. Both "Dark-Eyes" and "Red" follow their fearless leader Sgt. Hauser without question, and those who happen upon this group are either recruited to join "Team Patriot" or gunned down as traitorous "Snakes." This group should be avoided at all costs.
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  1. Awesome job. They def look like they've experienced some radiation!


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