Monday, November 1, 2010

Star Wars Darth Bane

Darth Bane is without a doubt my absolute favorite Sith Lord. I clipped the collar from his plastic cape and used a Vader cape instead and reattached the collar. I also swapped out the skirt for another soft goods on from my fodder boxes. I painted the removable armor of the figure, and did the rest of the figure in all black. There is some confusion or something about Bane, as some stories have him using a curved hilt red saber, and others where he has a traditional saber with purple blade, so I gave him both.

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  1. like it man, im a big fan of Bane but the figure they put out was a bit of a let down, i too have him and have been thinking about what i could do to make him better, and this is a great example of how to save a bad figure and make it a success.

    Also no intention of spaming was just wondering, ive recently set up my own Custom starwars figure site so if you could follow and check it out, leaving some feedback that would be great because im pretty new.

    thanks RustyCustoms.


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